Fizzy White Peach Sangria Lifestyle

This is my new fave Summer drink – white peach sangria. So easy to make and really refreshing, perfect for lazy sunny afternoons or just any afternoon ha ha! All you need is peaches, lemonade (or soda water if you’re counting calories) and any white wine you fancy. The wine I used was just a simple screw top that cost a whole £4, so it’s a great,...

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This Time Last Year Fashion

Summer is flying by so quickly, I feel like i’ve missed most of it! Absolutely no  idea what else i’ve been doing either! ha! Not doing outfit posts that’s for sure. So here is one from last year! Hope you’re all having a great day! Hugs & Kisses xoxoxoxoxox

5 Tips For Packing Light Lifestyle / Travel

Packing light is definitely something us gals are not good at right?? Probably the only thing we’re not good at mind 😉 So todays post i’m going to share with you some of my tips on packing light when space and KGs really are not your friends. Today i’ve been asked to share some tips with you with regards to packing for somewhere cold with...

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La Manga Club, Spain Fashion / Travel

Very slowly getting through my holiday pics. I have no idea why it’s taken so long, but blogging has definitely taken a back seat this year! I’ve not really been inspired with outfits, picture taking, anything really, so it’s way slower over here on the blog front. However – day one of my holiday in La Manga with my Mum and Dad. You know when...

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Getting Ready For Autumn With Primark Fashion

I know we’ve barely had a Summer and here I am talking about Autumn. I absolutely LOVE Summer, but I love Autumn fashion and it always gives me something to look forward to when the colder days are rolling in. Baggy jumpers, ankle boots and so much more. I’ve already started on the shoe front with these ankle boots from Primark. I’m absolutely loving this colour...

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Holiday Bikini’s OOTD / Travel

I’ve already had my holiday for this year – le sigh, but i’ve decided that I need another one. Another week of doing absolutely nothing at all, except reading, sunbathing and eating. Absolutely perfect. Where are you all of on your Summer holidays this year? Hugs & Kisses xoxoxoxoxox

My Summer Wardrobe Must Haves Fashion

Maxi dress Each Summer I always add a new maxi dress into the wardrobe, they are such a fab addition in to theSummer dress mix. I actually prefer a maxi dress to a short dress, just because they are the sweat pants of the dress world. Sandals Wedges, flats and gladiator sandals are also a Summer must have. The wedge situation gets updated as and...

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Insta Catch Up Lifestyle / Travel

@fashionchampagne Hey Ladies, long time no see again, i’ve been far too busy enjoying the sunshine to keep up with the blog! That hasn’t happened in almost the whole time i’ve been running this blog. Anyways, here is a little Instagram catchup. I’ve been back from my holiday for a few weeks now, but, i’m so behind on all of my blog posts that you’ll...

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