Pamper Night Beauty

I don’t know about you ladies, but Sunday nights are all about having spa/ pamper nights at home. Tonight I feel like I need a whole new body – so it’s time for a massive pamper! Hair, body, hands, tan, nails the lot, read for the week ahead. So I thought i’d just share a few of my favourite products right now.

Products – The famous wrinkle iron – I turned 31 last year so I decided to take control of my ageing and this little gadget is doing a great job at keeping the wrinkles away. Then there is the enhancer – which I use for when my rosacea flares up – it cools it down and stops it from hurting, also it’s a great little product to use i’ve had the mud mask on (green tube). Next there is the Sally Hansen nail polish colour – this colour is my go to at the moment as i’ve been doing my own nails. And lastly – sole enhancer – which is a foot cream. I use it throughout the year, but it’s great when you know you’ve got an up and coming flip flop season.

Anyways girls, enjoy your evening.

Hugs & Kisses

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